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We are a Network Cable Installation Cape Town Company. We cover a dynamic range of networking solutions which include, new network infrastructure installations, network re-cabling, new network points installation for both small and corporate businesses. Additionally, we also offer Cable management services to complement our Network Cable Installation Cape Town services.

Network Cable Installation Cape TownNetwork Cable Installation Cape Town: Network Installation Services

Network installations can prove to be quite daunting especially with complex technologies available in the IT industry environment. As an IT firm, we provide Network Cable Installation and support services to our clients in network installation. Our Network Cable Installation Cape Town services are high quality and we cover the following:

  • Cable installations in new network setups
  • Network cabling for call centres operations
  • Data center cabling
  • Labelling and tracing for overall network setups
  • Testing as well as fault finding in network repair and maintenance scenarios
  • Installation of new network points in office relocation scenarios
  • Fiber installations, relocations, fusion splicing and fault finding
  • Data Cabling Services

Data cabling is considerably an integral part of networking and we approach it in a very professional way. Our data cabling service entails thorough scrutiny of cable types, data speed, frequency interference and bandwidth. In fact, we deploy only the best of the cabling equipment in the market today, which offer a guarantee to high network connectivity and reliability.

As Part Of Our Network Installation Cape Town Services, We Offer Data Cabling Services For:

  • Both homes and offices
  • Relocation of network to new data points
  • Tracing and labelling of data connections to and from the server room
  • Upgrades and testing of existing network points

Our top-notch services are an edge-cutting solution to your data cabling needs. We have unparalleled expertise to deploy and manage data cabling for small scale and large scale projects in Cape Town.

Network Cable Installation Cape Town: Cable Management Services

Network Cable Installation is incomplete without cable management .Cable management goes hand in hand with cable installation as a complementary element of the network infrastructure. Our cable management services are designed to set up your network for optimum functionality and ease of use.  The tasks involved herein are cable trunking, cable trays and cable drop poles. We supply and install Cable trays, PVC conduits, indoor and outdoor materials for cabling and Server room raised flooring solutions. In addition, we supply and install different cable management systems for offices, server rooms and cabinets.

Here is a list of our Network Cable Installation Cape Town – Cable Management Services:

  • Supply and setting up of solid and mesh cable trays
  • Supply and set up of PVC, Slotted and Half-moon Trunking infrastructure
  • Supply and set up of cable drop poles and accouterments for tables, desks and counters
  • Supply and set up o PVC data skirting outlets and accessories
  • Supply and set up of Cabinet Cable Management Structures
  • Server room services

Network Cable Installation services are all round and encompass server room solutions too. We provide server room solutions to meet your needs in the installation and management of servers and their periphery devices. Our service covers:

  • New Server room setup
  • Server room upgrades and cleaning
  • Server cabinet installation
  • Installation and replacement of patch panels

We provide high quality and industry standard solutions that will ensure smooth running and efficient management of your server room network and infrastructure. We also assist in repairs and upgrades for both small and larger enterprises in Cape Town. To request a quote or enquire about our Network Cable Installation Cape Town Services, simply call 072 230 5092 / 083 783 2299 087 022 0400 Today!


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